What's Showing
( Thursday ** Friday )

* Thursday, May 18 *
* at the Scotch Plains Public Library *

* Following the FILMMAKERS FORUM *
(at about 7:15 p.m.)

National High Five Day (3 minutes)
Wes Lorenzini & Tom Pennella
4/20/06 was an important day at Scotch Plains - Fanwood High School. Tom Pennella takes us around the high school sharing his "open palm against open palm" experience.
About A Bear (6 minutes)
Corey Gegner
About A Bear follows the life of Regina and Clark Baer, your average married couple living in the forest. They live a quiet life with their 15 year old son Gregory, who just so happens to be a bear. As a pubescent teen forced to live a civilized human lifestyle, he struggles to find himself.
Flashover! (6 minutes)
William McMeekan, Jr.
One of the most unique and dangerous phenomenon's firefighters face is the sudden ignition of every combustible item in a room simultaneously. The flashover trailer at the Union County Fire Academy allows firefighters to experience this spectacle while providing a stunning look at the deadly beauty of fire.
$now Money, $now Problems (9 minutes)
Mike Cejovic
This is a spectacular snowboard documentary that features several of my friends tearing it up on the slopes and trying things that even boggled with their minds.
Humdrum (7 minutes)
Matt Cascella
Two strangers' paths collide one late night in a diner.
One Hour (2 minutes)
Larry Rhodes
A documentary about Philadelphia bike messenger Dave Wagner. This project was shot and edited for a college video production class.
As Cool As Jennifer II - Excerpts (10 minutes)
Peter Paul Basler
As Cool As Jennifer Episode II furthers the exploits of our heroine Cali Brauer. The Dove has been captured. Her relationship with Martin has gotten closer. She should be happy. She should be fine. But something is not right and Cali Brauer knows it.
Long Highway (13 minutes)
Adam Chinoy
Traveling along the bumpy road of a love triangle

---- 5 Minute Intermission ----
Run Hannah, Run (6 minutes)
Hannah & Eliot Clark
Everyone's favorite heroines from last year's festival are back with an all new, action packed adventure!
Rave On: The Raveonettes at Maxwell's - Excerpt (12 minutes)
William McMeekan, Jr.
Super cool retro-rockers the Raveonettes in a sold out live performance from the legendary Hoboken venue. This excerpt from the concert film features the Target commercial hit song, "That Great Love Sound".

Impact (8 minutes)
Sean Devaney
When Bill arrives home with disturbing news, he and Diane must decide what to do next...
8:30 am (3 minutes)
Frank Palumbo
A look at the day in the life of BMX rider Dave Wagner, revealing the hardships and rewards of BMXing in central Philadelphia.
Planetary Scratch Video (3 minutes)
Tom Fortunato
Worlds will collide as Tom Fortunato attempts to answer the questions that have plagued mankind for centuries in this artsy 3D animated short: "Where did we come from? How did we get here? And if God really is a DJ, how freaking cool would the creation of the solar system have looked?!"
La Main de Sang Rouge (4 minutes)
Seth Applebaum
A dark, artistic film portraying the demise of man with a troubled past, played by Alex Forstenhausler.
The Breakup (6 minutes)
Wes Lorenzini
When a teenager is at the peek of his romantic relationship, his girlfriend gives him some bad news.
Due Date (20 minutes)
Nick Pavano
John Goldschmidtt lives the average life in the average suburban neighborhood. All is well with the exception of one thing...his wife. Mrs.Brock is nine months pregnant and is driving John to the edge of his sanity. Witness first hand, the stress, the agony, and the anxiety as John awaits the "labor" page on his beeper.
The Contractors (20 Minutes)
Stanley Boniakowski
An unaired television pilot about a NJ contracting & painting company as they rush to make the deadline on a house "flipping" project.
Big House: The Reality of Westfield (Episode 1) (30 minutes)
Rachel Gordon
What happens when you take four high school girls from Westfield, New Jersey and put them in a house together for one weekend? Drama ensues. Friends are found. Foes are made. And a whole lot of lemonade is sold. Big House: The Reality of Westfield is a two-episode reality show created by Rachel Gordon, premiered in the spring of 2005. Witness as four girls who grew up in the same town but have four very different backgrounds come together for one weekend. Their goal: to plan and execute a way to make as much money as they can in the forty-eight hours given. The earned money was given as a cash prize to the girl who, at the premiere, was voted most deserving of the money. Four teenage girls can take up a whole lot of space in one big house.
* Friday, May 19 *
* at the Fanwood Memorial Library *

* Following "Jumpin' Jive! Music Shorts before the MTV Era *
(at about 9:15 p.m.)

Elevator (6 minutes)
Alex Forstenhausler
Jack, a famous actor runs into trouble while trying to get his name on the front page.
Project B-Boy / Kujo (13 minutes)
Doug Shineman
Project: B-Boy introduces an amazing, gravity-defying, fluid, physical art form that is currently making a worldwide comeback. 'Krazy Kujo,' a partially deaf break-dancer with a fascinating perspective of life and a matching dance style, shows us why.
The Last Sound You May Ever Hear (20 minutes)
George Weiss
The Videographer was originally asked…"to videotape a group of SP/F High School students as they acted out a short script "…and it soon mushroomed into a full production. Videotaping took place at four different Fanwood locations as well as two locations in Scotch Plains. Besides the students, the production involved about a dozen Fanwood firemen, two Rescue Squad EMT's and a Police Sergeant.
Things I Will Never Do Again (2 minute)
Justin Rutherford
A look into the aftermath of a serious injury of a college student. This film was a short project for a college video production class.
Scarface Western (5 minutes)
Cameron Sizemore
This epic tale follows a Columbian drug god, and a hit man sent to stop this drug lord's reign for good. In this underground drug world there is only one rule… those who live by the gun, die by the gun.

---- 5 Minute Intermission ----

Messing About In Boats (10 minutes)
Kevin Johnson
An instructional video for Westfield teacher Jeff Robbins' summer class at Rutgers University. This production was created due to the fact that Mr. Robbins missed class while he was participating in NASA's Educator Astronaut Program.
4CND-[TV] (6 minutes)
Tom Fortunato
Turn off the idiot box, its a disease just like the chicken pox... blah blah blah, you wouldn't follow the advice of a stupid blurb in a booklet such as this one, but moviemaker Tom Fortunato's willing to bet you'd follow that advice if you heard it from an addictive colorful pop TV show! Enter 4.Chew.Nah.Doe Television!
Behind the Band (7 minutes)
Jonathan Lorenzini
In this edition of behind the band, we explore the history of art in the life of Dan Vidmar, the lead singer of Lemonsoul.
Two Lords And A Lady (35 minutes)
John Fazio
The story of Scotch Plains' own Revolutionary housewife Aunt Betty Frazee, brought to life with the help of Scotch Plains Mayor Martin Marks and former Fanwood Mayor Lou Jung. This film is part of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood Rotary Club's Frazee House Restoration Project.