Guinea Pig Cam

Keep an eye on Butterscotch & Brownie

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Guinea PigThese two guinea pigs joined the FMPL family in the spring of 2011. Their names are:
BUTTERSCOTCH ANNABELLE SQUEAK (whose hair sticks up and has colors like a calico cat) and…
BROWNIE BEATRIX SQUIGGLY (with the brown band across her back) or B & B for short .

They are both girls and like to snack on all sorts of healthy things like Italian parsley, green beans, dark lettuce, spinach, carrots and carrot tops, and apples that people bring them.

Guinea Pig Volunteer Family of the Month

Be a donor of the month!
Purchase and deliver Guinea pig supplies to the Children’s Department.

Each month we need:
  • * 2 (two) 5lb. bags of Guinea Pig Kibble
  • * 2 (two) 24 oz. bags of Timothy Hay
  • * 2 (two) 4 cubic foot bags of Pine Bedding.
    (Pine or Aspen bedding is best, Please NO cedar or scented bedding)

Ask Susan or Annie if you need more details.