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TweenTribune: Looking for articles about science, history or current events? Created by the Smithsonian primarily for teachers, but great for families too, this interactive site features fantastic, vetted content for grades K-12 in a variety of reading levels.

Spaghetti Book Club: The Spaghetti Book Club website is a place for kids who love to read and talk about books! Want to find out what other kids your age are reading? What their favorites are and which ones get a “thumbs down”? Take a look at this site with its own “clubhouse” book reviews by kids, for kids, where students can post comments and share opinions about books.
The Spaghetti Book Club supports and encourages kids’ love for reading by giving them an opportunity to connect, on a personal level, with the books they are reading and then share their reactions, thoughts, and opinions with family members, friends, and kids around the world. It fosters kids’ love for reading, helps develop their critical thinking skills and gives them an opportunity to write for a world-wide audience. It’s sponsored by schools from all over the country, and participating schools in New Jersey include: Asher Holmes Elementary in Morganville, Roosevelt Elementary School in Rahway and Wildwood Middle School in Wildwood

Star Wars: Get out your light sabers and join in the excitement as the Force Awakens! Everyting Star Wars for fans old and new of all ages.

Smithsonian Tween Tribune Junior: Looking for articles about science, history or current events? This interactive site features all of that and more for Tweens. Used by over 200,000 registered teachers in their classrooms, the site features: Twice-daily AP news articles * Critical thinking questions * Student commenting * and much more!

OwlKids: Owlkids’ magazines offer quality, engaging, timely, and FUN content. Chirp, chickaDEE, and OWL are bursting with activities, animal facts, jokes, comics, feature stories, puzzles, and more, all designed with a single,vitally important aim: to engage and entertain kids and get them reading, exploring, and having fun… while helping them develop a lifelong love of learning.

StoryBlocks: Songs and Rhymes that build readers. Children get ready to read long before they start Kindergarten. You can help them get ready by singing, talking, and playing with the children in your care. Watch short videos modeling songs, rhymes, and fingerplays, and learn how they help build readers. Each video includes helpful early literacy tips. Sorted by age groups (babies, toddlers, and preschoolers).

Liberty’s Kids: This is the companion site for Liberty’s Kids, the animated adventure television series, whose primary goal is to provide a fresh and exciting experience of the extraordinary period of 1773 to 1789 in American history for children ages 8-14 .
The Liberty’s Kids website includes a broad range of entertaining educational activities for kids (Check out the Fun & Games link), plus valuable information for caretakers. From the site’s main page, users can access the six main sections of the site.

My Hero Project: The mission of the MY HERO PROJECT is to use media, art and technology to celebrate the best of humanity and to empower people of all ages to realize their own potential to effect positive change in the world.
The freely accessible, not-for-profit project is supported by visitors of all ages who share stories, art, and short films on the award-winning multimedia journal and digital library.

ChessKid: Learn and play Chess with kids from around the world. It’s fun for kids, safe and smart for parents, and has great tools and materials for teaching.

Major League Baseball: Spring is in the air, finally… and that means (among other things) that baseball season is upon us and opening day is just around the corner. We’re honoring America’s national pastime by making MLB the FML site of the month for April.

Amazing Kids1 Magazine: Take a look at this kid-created, award-winning monthly Online Magazine. There’s the well-written, thoughtful, and often thought-provoking articles and creative writing contributed by kids and teens from around the world each month, and art lovers will want to check out the awe-inspiring portraits, paintings and photography created by some of our internationally acclaimed amazing young artists.

Presidents of the United States: What better place to learn about all of the US Presidents than at! And that’s just the beginning of all the great information available there for kids…. and their parents too!

Games for Change: Used as a testing ground for new games, this site offers single-player and multi-player games focused on social issues, such as human rights, economics, politics, and more. Run a farm, save ocean creatures, or investigate your animal instincts as a wolf. The list of games can be filtered by age range. Their mission is, “Catalyzing Social Impact Through Digital Games

New York Philharmonic Kidzone: Discover the world of the New York Philharmonic and go backstage to learn about their music and instruments. Explore famous composers, play games, and create music of your own

Ben’s Guide to the U.S. Government. Kids aged 4-14 years and up can learn about our government, how laws are made and elections work, Ben Franklin’s life, and the importance of historical documents; and play related games.

 African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. You can find reproductions of original documents, personal stories, and ex-slave narratives.

Girls, Inc. : Girls Incorporated is a national youth organization dedicated to helping every girl become strong, smart, and bold