A compelling quick read

I was reading James Sallis’ excellent & haunting new short novel, Others of My Kind, and was struck by this:
At some point we realize… that we’re going to have to make the decision to become human and put some effort into it. Most start young as a matter of course. Others… have good reason for being late starters. But the struggle’s the same. We work at making a self for most of a lifetime, only to find that the self we’ve created is inseparable from the struggle.” Sallis’ protagonist, Jenny, does this masterfully… we can learn from her resolve and moral center.

It also brings to mind John Lennon’s notion in one of his many masterpieces, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), that “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.

James Sallis is responsible for a number of other great reads including Drive and its sequel Driven, as well as Salt River and The Killer is Dying.


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