for Book Lovers at Fanwood Memorial Library As book lovers we know that readers are always hungry for something new to read and for more information about the world of books.

Here we have gathered a huge assortment of online sites and resources about books & reading – for adults, teens and children.

Happy reading!



What to read next.
Reading recommendations match the right book with the right person.

Web Sites for Readers

Find biographical information, author interviews, booklists, author Websites, new releases and more about writers from all times and cultures.

Bestseller & Awards Lists
Want to know what’s currently on the NY Times Bestseller lists, which books have won the National Book Award? Pulitzer? Edgar? Hugo? Check out the online sites for these and other lists and awards for the best of literature in the U.S. and world.

Book Discussion Group Resources
Leading a book group and stumped for questions to spark discussion? Take a look at some online book clubs and discussion guides from a variety of sources, including publishers.

Book Reviews
Reviews of current fiction and nonfiction and feature articles from a variety of online literary sources for adults and children.

Booklists & Readalikes
Check out these sites for lists and more lists! A favorite tool to find reading suggestions and learn about “new” authors and titles. See what other book lovers recommend.

Booknotes & Study Guides
Connect to sites that provide literature summaries and analysis. Find detailed summaries, character information, critical analysis and literature references.

Booksellers & Publishers
Connect with local, national and online booksellers or order online. Find information about the book publishing industry with directories linking users to the Websites of publishers and associations.

Genre Fiction
Great sites for readers of mysteries, romance, fantasy, science fiction, westerns and other popular fiction genres. Find booklists, author information, awards, reviews, book excerpts, fan clubs and more.

Online Publications
Online versions of print magazines and e-zines that focus on books and reading, including some that highlight specific fiction genres.

Series & Sequels
Here’s help for those who love to read books in series. Which is first in the series? What title comes next? Which titles feature which character?