Online Journals

The online version of the journal published by the American Library Association. A great resource for reviews of current books and media for adults, teens and children. Also includes interviews with authors and booklists.
Find your next read here by reading book reviews, author interviews, book excerpts and newsletters. Find links to sites for kids and teens, reading groups and authors.

Satisfy your curiosity about books by linking to information about award winners, genre lists, bookstores, reviews, full-text e-books and much more. You’ll also find links to comparison shopping sites so you can get the best price for books you want to purchase.

A comprehensive online source for book industry news, features, book reviews, guides to literary events, author interviews and thousands of annotated links to other book-related sites.

Library Journal Digital
Use the online version of a librarians’ trusted review source for a sampling of “Hot Picks,” “Prepub Alerts” (books to be published in coming months), “Classic Returns” (reprinted titles) and reviews of books and media for adults, teens and children.

Locus Online
This online counterpart to the respected science fiction magazine offers news, booklists and the “Locus Index to Science Fiction.”

Publishers Weekly
News from the book publishing and selling trades with lists of current bestsellers and reviews of new titles.

Project Gutenberg
Since 1971 Project Gutenberg has been at work to make available as much of the world’s literature as possible in e-text form. Here you will find a library of electronically stored books, mostly classics. These “public domain” titles can be downloaded for free and viewed offline.