Freegal lets you download or stream ad-free songs
in over 200 genres from a vast catalog of music!

Freegal® Music allows Fanwood cardholders to enjoy a collection that spans over 15 million songs, music videos and audiobooks from more than 40,000 music labels worldwide.

            * Access Freegal from your computer, tablet or mobile device.
            * Find the app in the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store, and on Amazon App Store.
            * New! Freegal music has temporarily lifted the 3-hour daily streaming limit, so you can now stream
                        ad-free music continously!
            * You can also download and permanently keep up to 3 DRM-free songs every week!
            * Enjoy their eclectic collection of curated playlists–and create your own lists to share with other
                        Fanwood Memorial Library users! See how to create and share your own special playlist here.

Login with your library card number and PIN.

View the Freegal FAQs.

How does Freegal® Music work?

Your streaming timer will reset every Monday at 12:00am (Central Time, USA). If you’re on a desktop computer, you will see a Streaming Timer at the top of your web page to the left of the search bar. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll find the streaming timer under Settings (top right corner, three dots).

Your Download Limit is located in the same place as the Streaming Timer. Like streaming, your download limit is reset every Monday.

On the homepage, you’ll see the Featured page, which will display curated content for you to enjoy. You can use the navigation bar to explore music in different ways, via the Search bar or through the Browse page. You can search by artists, genre, song, etc.

What’s the difference between Streaming and Downloading?

Downloading is capturing and keeping the file on a permanent basis. Streaming is accessing the file on a temporary basis, while being connected to the internet. Streaming gives you access to more music. Your daily streaming limit is posted in the upper-right corner top of the home page.

What can I legally do with downloaded or streamed music from Freegal® Music?

The music you access via the Freegal® Music site is for non-commercial purposes only. It comes with a license for personal use only. This means that you cannot duplicate it for others, or play it in public, other than for the intended enjoyment of a normal circle of family or friends.