Fanwood Residents

Any resident of Fanwood, age three and up, may apply for a free Library card. Children under 14 are required to have a parent or guardian be a Library card holder and must have a parent or guardian’s signature. Proof of residence in the Borough is required at the time of application. This may be a driver’s license, lease agreement, tax bill or utility bill with the address and name listed. Additional forms of identification may be acceptable if the information clearly determines address. Cards are issued for three years, at which time, the cardholder will be asked to reconfirm address and phone number for our records.

Replacement cards may be obtained for a $1.00 fee. Replacement applications must be submitted in person by coming to the Library.

Juvenile cardholders must have a parent or guardian present identification and sign as the responsible party for any lost or damaged materials.

Since Fanwood shares a catalog and patron database with the Scotch Plains Public Library, Scotch Plains residents are also able to obtain a Scotch Plains library card at the Fanwood Library.

Temporary “Resident” cards

Temporary cards will be issued for a period of three months for those who are visiting or residing in the Borough for an extended period of time to visit or work. A letter must be presented by a Fanwood resident affirming the temporary residence of the individual applying for borrowing privileges.

Out-of-Town Residents

Three forms of membership are available for out-of-town residents:

1. Those who work or own a business within the Borough may apply for a courtesy card that is valid for three years or as long as the individual continues to work within the township. Proper home identification is required as well as proof of employment. This may be a worker’s ID, pay stub or a letter from the firm confirming employment.

2. M.U.R.A.L. (MUtual Reciprocity Among Libraries) Residents from other Union and Middlesex County towns and cities that participate in the MURAL reciprocal borrowing agreement may make use of their MURAL borrowing privileges by presenting their home Llibrary card and having their data entered into the Fanwood circulation system. MURAL membership is issued for a one-year period from a patron’s home library. Each year MURAL cardholders must renew their membership by providing proof of valid membership in their home Library. A complete list of participating MURAL libraries may be obtained at the circulation desk or found online at:

3. Residents of other communities that are not participating MURAL members may purchase a Library card which will afford them all borrowing privileges for the cost of $40 per year.

Board of Trustees – Approved: June 8, 2009