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Fanwood Memorial Library Policy Manual
Section: Library Operations

Subject: 2.3.1 Charges for Lost & Damaged Items; Claimed Returned; Refunds


Charges will be assessed for lost and damaged items borrowed from the Library in accordance with the schedule below. Charges will be reviewed annually and as appropriate be adjusted after approval of the Board:

Assess following fees for loss and damage:

1. Lost item - Cost of the item as defined in the item record (or a default charge of $25) plus $5 processing fee

  • Patrons may not substitute a book or title for the one they have lost
  • Patrons may not replace the lost book or title themselves
  • The Library will retain the damaged book - we need barcode information and want to remove wet items from building quickly
  • If part of tape or CD set is missing, the entire cost will be charged. The Library cannot replace individual items in set
2. Damaged Items

  • Damaged barcode               $1.00
  • Lost DVD/Video cover         $2.00
  • Playaway box                         $5.00
  • Hanging Plastic Bag             $2.00
  • Cracked CD cover            No Charge
  • Note: Assess degree of damage - if wet, must replace item
  • Note: If coloring, pencil marks, etc., make sure damage is noted in computer and in book if decision is made to continue to circulate. Date comments.

3. Fees and fines will be waived for Homebound patrons using Friends’ Service

4. All damaged items must be checked in with special status of damaged and fines both added and clearly noted for charge.

5. If a patron feels that an item on his/her record which is overdue has been returned, but not noted by the system, they may request that the item be marked Claimed Returned on their record. In this circumstance, patrons are encouraged to continue to search for the item. If the item is subsequently found and returned, any applicable overdue fees will be assessed.

6. Refunds of replacement costs paid for lost items that have been found and returned by the patron to the library after payment has been made will be given when:

  • Patron provides the original item and a dated receipt for the amount paid.
  • Thirty days have not passed since the payment of the fine.

The Library will refund only the amount of the item and not any associated overdue fines or processing fees.

Board of Trustees
Approved: June 8, 2009
Revised: February 8, 2016

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