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Fanwood Memorial Library Policy Manual
Section: Library Operations

Subject: 2.3.3 Interlibrary Loan

Fanwood Memorial Library Interlibrary Loan Procedures

1. Who may request Interlibrary Loans?
Any Fanwood resident with an up-to-date Fanwood Memorial Library card may request an interlibrary loan.

Out-of-town residents must place interlibrary loan requests through their home libraries.

2. Loan Period/Renewals/Recalls/Charges
All materials may be borrowed for two (2) weeks. A one (1) week renewal can usually be granted within our system if requested.

Interlibrary loans may be recalled at any time. All ILL videos will be charged $1.00 per week.

3. New Books:
The library will try to process interlibrary loan requests for items published within fewer than six (6) months of the request, but note that most libraries usually do not lend such new items via ILL

4. ILL Limit
Patrons may have up to five (5) items in process at any time (checked out/requested/sent to us). Items that patrons borrow from other LMxAC members, or in-person from other MURAL libraries do NOT count towards this total.

5. Unavailable Items
Some items may be unavailable through interlibrary loan. The Fanwood Memorial Library will decline an interlibrary loan request if the item is in our shared consortium collection (LMxAC), even if it is checked out or on hold. Exceptions will be made for lost or missing items. Items that have been borrowed and returned may not be requested again within a six (6) month period.

6. Overdue Interlibrary Loans
Patrons with overdue interlibrary loan items will be notified by phone. If the item(s) remains outstanding, a notification letter will be sent. If the item is returned within ten (10) days of the mailing, the patron will be charged our customary overdue fines. If the item is not returned within ten (10) days of the mailing, the patron's account will be billed for the cost of replacing the item(s), with a minimum charge of $25.00 per item.

Interlibrary loan is a costly and time consuming process.
We urge patrons to check the LMxAC catalog and/or use their M.U.R.A.L. borrowing privileges to pick up books in-person at participating libraries whenever practicle.
Librarians can help locate likely sources for books and other items.
Interlibrary loan should be reserved for non-local and hard-to-find items.

Board of Trustees
Approved: June 8, 2009
Revised: February 8, 2016
PENDING - Revised and Approved: June 12, 2023

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