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Fanwood Memorial Library Policy Manual
Section: Library Operations

Subject: 2.5.1 Display and Distribution of Free Materials

Display & Distribution of Free Materials

The Fanwood Memorial Library provides space for display and distribution of free materials. This space includes a bulletin board (see 2.5.2) and information racks. Free materials include, but are not limited to, pamphlets, flyers, circulars, schedules, public documents and announcements that publicize non-profit, civic, educational, cultural, or recreational organizations and events.

All materials to be distributed posted or displayed on Library property must be submitted to the Library Director or authorized staff for approval prior to display or distribution. In general, items will be removed from posting after 30 days.

Commercial and personal announcements or active solicitations (see 2.5.4) of any kind are not allowed. Materials for display or distribution may not promote a specific religious concept, espouse partisan politics or demean groups or individuals. The library reserves the right to place limits on location, duration and size of materials.

In light of limited space, materials will be displayed subject to the judgment of professional Library staff, based on the criteria outlined in this policy. Distribution or posting of items by the library does not imply endorsement, support or co-sponsorship by the library.

Board of Trustees
Approved: June 8, 2009
Revised: February 8, 2016

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