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Fanwood Memorial Library Policy Manual
Section: Library Operations

Subject: 2.5.2 Bulletin Boards


The Fanwood Memorial Library has specified bulletin boards for use by the public to announce not-for-profit community organizations, to announce and advertise special events and/or fund raisers for the public domain of the Scotch Plains-Fanwood area.

    1. Only non-profit organizations may post notices on the bulletin boards. This privilege is open to local community organizations to announce and advertise for the public domain.

    2. All announcements and posters must be reviewed and posted by the library staff. Announcements and posters must be tastefully done, and the Library reserves the right to refuse to post any piece of material.

    3. Items will be posted or made available on an equitable basis, subject to available space, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of the individuals or groups represented.

    4. All items to be posted must be dated. No items can be returned by the library.

    5. No selling of articles or pieces of artwork displayed in the Library is permitted, and no prices are to be posted on items displayed.

    6. Posters, circulars, pictures or the like to be distributed or displayed on Library property must be submitted to the Library Director for approval prior to display or distribution.

    7. Posting of a notice or placement of materials in a display rack does not imply endorsement by the Library staff or Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees
Approved: June 8, 2009
Revised: February 8, 2016

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