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Fanwood Memorial Library Policy Manual
Section: Personnel

Subject: 4.3 Job Descriptions
Subject: 4.3.3 Children’s Dept. Supervising Librarian

Children’s Department Supervising Librarian

Under the direction of the Library Director and the Library Board, the Children’s Department Supervising Librarian is responsible for the development and management of all Children’s Department services. It is desirable that the Children’s Librarian be certified in New Jersey as a professional librarian, with a M.L.S. from an accredited college or university, and will have three years professional librarian experience, at least one reflecting supervisory experience. The Children’s Librarian will assure the highest quality of Library service to the children and families of Fanwood Memorial Library patrons.

The Children’s Librarian will demonstrate interest and commitment to public service by interacting with the staff and public in a professional, courteous and friendly manner. The Children’s Librarian will maintain high standards of excellence with regards to self and all those involved in serving the public in the children’s department.

Toward that end, the Children’s Librarian will keep the Director informed of the Department’s needs and make recommendations in all related matters. Specifically, the Children’s Department Supervising Librarian shall perform duties in the following areas:

1. Core Services & Programs: The Children’s Department Supervising Librarian shall

  • Develop and maintain Library collections via materials selection, procurement, processing, and weeding, as well as maintenance of an accurate public access catalog.
  • Evaluate collection on an on-going basis for appropriateness, depth in the non-fiction materials, and quality and appeal of fiction and non-print materials, and overall currency of the collection.
  • Evaluate collection use, including tracking of circulation, membership, and usage trends.
  • Provide the Director with narrative reports with regard to planning, programming, problems and suggestions.
  • Provide the Director with the necessary information and make recommendations as to budgetary needs and planning.
  • Participate in policy discussions and recommendations.
  • Respond to research, reading and other media requests and information needs.
  • Assist children (and parents) in identifying appropriate materials for school assignments, supplemental and recreational reading.
  • Develop, deliver and publicize innovative programs for children through grade eight.
  • Promote positive and effective communication with the public.
  • Promote literacy.
  • Promote maximum use of the Library collection and facilities.
  • Keep abreast of, and implement as needed, new and existing technologies, including (but not limited to) the Internet, CD-ROM, databases, and other PC based applications and services.
  • Manage revenues (fines, gifts, etc.) as relates to the Children’s Department.
  • Seek grants and other forms of outside funding.
  • Participate in ensuring a safe, secure, child friendly atmosphere.

2. Personnel management: The Children’s Department Supervising Librarian shall

  • Assist in the hiring, training, and supervision of Children’s Department staff.
  • Set job responsibilities and performance objectives and standards.
  • Motivate staff.
  • Communicate with staff and hold department meetings as needed. Involve staff in Library programs and decision making.
  • Establish work schedules and monitor attendance and related matters.
  • Provide continuing education and retraining.
  • Develop self-evaluation models and participate in annual evaluations of all departmental staff.
  • 3. Community outreach: The Children’s Department Supervising Librarian shall

  • Keep public informed by regular communication using newspapers, TV, Internet and the like on Children’s Department services and programs.
  • Create attractive displays and exhibits related to Children’s Department activities.
  • Serve needs of community through outreach to schools and community organizations, programs, publicity and surveys.
  • 4. Professional development: The Children’s Department Supervising Librarian shall

  • Attend professional meetings and network with peers.
  • Prepare annual self-evaluation in preparation of annual review of performance.

  • Board of Trustees
    Approved: June 8, 2009
    Revised: February 8, 2016

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