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What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a landscaped shallow depression planted with native plants created to collect stormwater and recharge the groundwater supply.  Rain gardens make neighborhoods more attractive while enhancing ecological health.


How did the Fanwood Memorial Library get a Rain Garden?

There were a lot of people who made our rain garden a reality. They helped make it the best one, not only in Union County but maybe in the entire state of NJ, and they all deserve to be recognized.

In early 2005, the Fanwood Environmental Commission learned about a program being conducted by the Rutgers Cooperative Extension who had a grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to construct a limited number of rain gardens in the Rahway River watershed. The Environmental Commission, together with the Rahway River Association screened potential sites in Fanwood and selected the Fanwood Memorial Library as an ideal location for a rain garden.

After obtaining the approvals from the Fanwood Borough Council and the Library Board, the Rahway River Association designed the rain garden and acquired plants native to the area that would thrive in a rain garden environment. In September 2005, the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Union County and the Rahway River Association working together with the Fanwood Department of Public Works planted the rain garden.

Additional rain gardens were also constructed by the Rutgers Master Gardeners of Union County along the Robinson Creek Branch of the Rahway River. Educational programs about rain gardens have been funded through the United States Department of Agriculture Regional Water Coordination Program. The goal of the rain gardens is to serve as a model for county residents who are interested in controlling polluted runoff and help recharge the groundwater.

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Photo by Linda Brazaitis