A celebration of books

Welcome to our new site and the maiden voyage of the staff blog!
Check back here periodically to meet the Fanwood Library staff, get to know them
and what they like to read, and do in their spare time.

I figured I’d take the first stab at this thing, so let’s get started:

After many months of development we’re proud to launch our brand new website… and first blog entry. All in all, this was a big undertaking and of course it’s a work in progress. First off – a big thank-you is due to Susan Neuhaus of Neustudio who designed this site for us and patiently helped guide us through.

I’ve been the director of the library now for close to 17 years! Phew! That’s a lot of water under the bridge… and in the basement. When I started here in 1997 my first task, besides trying to figure out how to be a library director and just what that meant, was to automate the library. We did that and joined LMxAC to help us into the computer age. We now enjoy a long-standing and vital shared partnership with our neighbor in Scotch Plains and we continue to explore ways to effectively serve the community and stay current. The next couple of years look to usher in some new changes and challenges at the library as we address our space and accessibility needs and lay the groundwork for the next 50 years – so stay tuned for more information about all of that. Continue reading “A celebration of books”