Teen DIY Tuesdays @ 4 pm – 5 pm 
Try your hand at space “crafts” with our High School Pages. Entering grades 5 and up.
July 9th: Here Comes the Sun Tote Bag
July 16th: What’s Your Sign? Astrology paper circuit craft.
July 23rd: Create a Vision Journal

Teen Oreo Moon Challenge @ 3 pm  on July 11th
Can you recreate the phases of the moon with Oreo Cookies? Entering grades 5 and up.

Girls STEM Workshops @ 3 pm – 5 pm on July 26th, August 2nd, 9th & 16th.
Coding and engineering challenges. Entering grades 4 and up.
July 26th: Balloon Rockets
August 2nd: Marshmallow Towers
August 9th: Invisible Ink & Lava Lamps
August 16th: Wheels

Reading Raffle: Starting June 24th, teens can enter our summer reading club raffle each time they read and return a book. Earn two entries if the book is about space! Prizes awarded in August. 


Thursdays @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm, starting June 6th

Recommended for grades 4-8

Learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube! Practice speedcubing! Members can participate in cube competitions hosted by World Cube Association.

The results are in for the 2nd Annual 2019 Teen Photography Contest:
Baby, It’s Cold Outside

* Check out the 2019 photos HERE

* …and see the 2018 Winners & Runners-up HERE

The 2019 Teen Photo Contest is over. Come in and take a closer look at all of the photographs on display now at the library, and here on-line.

The 2020 contest kicks off next November… stay tuned!

Take Home our TELESCOPE to Check Out the Stars…and Moon…and Planets…

Fanwood-resident cardholders can borrow our telescope for up to a week. Scotch Plains Public Library has telescope to lend its resident cardholders as well.

The Orion Starblast Telescopes were donated to the libraries by the Fanwood-Scotch Plains Rotary Club and modified by the AAI to make them easier to use. The telescope power has not been modified. Day or night you can view the moon. On a clear night, users can find craters on the moon, the rings of Saturn, and even tell the difference between a red and blue star. The telescopes come with a user manual, constellation guide and moon map.