What Should I Read Next?
Mr. Rochester by Sarah Shoemaker

#12 in our new feature that offers up staff-selected recommendations for your consideration.

Mr. Rochester

Just finished Mr. Rochester, a novel by Sarah Shoemaker. It’s the story of, yes, that Mr. Rochester and his life before Jane Eyre comes to be the governess and the madness that happens! A fascinating story of life in the early 1800’s in England and Jamaica.

On his eighth birthday, Edward Rochester is banished from his beloved Thornfield Hall to learn his place in life. His journey eventually takes him to Jamaica where, as a young man, he becomes entangled with an enticing heiress and makes a choice that will haunt him. It is only when he finally returns home and encounters one stubborn, plain, young governess, that Edward can see any chance of redemption – and love.

Now I have to read Jane Eyre again…and I’ll be able to do that as an e-book with our new e-book service, OneClickdigital, starting this July 1.


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